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To all of you who have chosen to join me on this endeavour, thank you! I am honored that you have decided to take a personal interest in this experience and I hope that you will visit this page and participate often between now and when I return from the trip in June.

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So, what can you expect with this blog?
Between now and June 14th, the Cal Poly professor escorting us on our trip will feed me all sorts of information about China. I'll be reading books, articles, and blogs as well as listening to podcasts and watching videos. During this time I will also be meeting with my professors and fellow graduate students to discuss what we are learning and debate our differing viewpoints concerning the issues of our times.

I will be posting my thoughts regularly (probably every other day) to share with you all that I am hearing, thinking and doing. I will also be reviewing a handful of books about China that I will read over the next 6 months.

Between June 14th and June 28th, I'll be travelling with my colleagues in China and will post blog updates daily (assuming the Great Firewall allows it).

How Can You Participate?
Please visit this page regularly. Read the posts that interest you and 
add your own thoughts by commenting.  Feel free to challenge me on the topics that I choose to write about and the positions that I take. If you have any questions about "blog etiquette" or are experiencing technological challenges please don't hesitate to call or E-mail me and I'll help get you on the right track.

My hope is that we all might learn from each other as we explore the new China and what it means to us. Again, welcome!

Ground Rules:

1. Broaden Your Horizons!  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about something that may not relate to your daily life today.  Learning about China together can be more fun, personal, and effective than picking up a book, taking a class, or watching 60 Minutes.
2. Be Courageous!  When commenting on posts, don’t worry about sounding “academic,” “profound,” or “politically correct.”  Just write as you would speak if you were sitting in our living room.  What matters is what you are thinking and feeling, not what you think other people expect you to think or feel.  All questions are valid and all opinions are valued with one exception...
3. Be Respectful.  I cherish the diversity of my friends, family, and colleagues.  Please honor me by treating everyone on this site with dignity and respect.

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